Radio Consulting

What is holding your station back?   Sales, programming, management, employee training, lead generation, online content?

Radio Consulting

Format Flip

Approaching a format flip consists of aligning a lot of variables that all need to converge precisely.  From station branding to fine tuning the initial playlist, imaging, contests, promotion ideas, recruiting talent, managing staff expectations and did we mention pre-format change listener engagement?

We will help you manage the format change with a detailed and customized plan developed exclusively for your station, your market, your staff.

Full Station Evaluation

What is the outside perception of your station?  Do your promotions, advertising, music, branding, discussion topics, website, audio stream, mobile applications, etc all send the message you intended?

We’ll fully evaluate your all of the contact points you have with your target audience and give actionable steps for improvement.

Employee Interviews

Are the right people in the right seats within your organization?  Are the right people on the bus?  Are the wrong people in the wrong positions actually doing damage to your station’s profits?

We will evaluate your existing staff and give you guidelines and insight into what ideal traits your top performers will have.  Then we’ll walk you through the best way to manage them for results.