Business Consulting

Why do your customers buy from your competition?  Our full Business Consulting Service will uncover that answer and many more.  It is a full evaluation of your business that will give you actionable results to improve profits, customer loyalty and marketing strategy.

Learn more about our Business Consulting Service here.

Lead Generation

How do you find new customers?  By generating very targeted leads.  We develop individualized systems to walk your clientele though the three stages of customer development; Prospect, Lead and Customer.

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Radio Consulting

There are mammoth daily struggles involved with running a radio station.  Sales, programming, management, employee training, lead generation, online content.  It can all be too much to handle.  Our Radio Station Consulting Services will help you get a handle on it all and start winning again.

Learn more about our Radio Consulting Services here.

Mobile Marketing

How can you use mobile technology to engage your target audience?  By directly targeting mobile devices.  We will develop custom and trackable applications and processes that will communicate with your target audience the way they want to hear from you–on their mobile devices.  

Learn more about our Mobile Marketing Service here.

Traditional Marketing

Why don’t your radio, TV or print ads seem to get you any business?  Because your message is wrong. We will develop a message that will put customers into the buying spectrum and lead to a lifetime of sales.

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Church Outreach Services

How do you get more people in church?  By combining tried and true evangelism and outreach with modern marketing strategy and techniques.  Our Church Outreach Consultation Service is a full evaluation of your church that will give you actionable results to improve attendance, parishioner loyalty and outreach strategy.

Learn more about our Church Outreach Services here.

About Us


Glen Pavlovich, the founder of Pavlovich Marketing began his career in advertising and marketing in 1989 when he began a career in radio. Immediately his study of markets, messages, audience building and the full marketing arsenal began.

For the last 25 years he has continued to help multiple businesses with their advertising campaigns, websites, e-commerce and business management, all the while learning about new marketing vehicles, trends, target audiences and message crafting.

In 2008 Glen opened a service that provided commercial production to radio stations and video production agencies. Putting his marketing knowledge to work, this company maintains a generous stable of ongoing clients and continues to thrive.

Now with the full team of web developers, writers, graphic artists, SEO specialists and mobile app developers Pavlovich Marketing serves businesses of all sizes with all aspects of customer engagement, including:

  • Business Consulting — which may include the PVP index, pinpointing the target market, identifying the Unique Selling Point (USP), developing pricing and offers that will increase profit and entice buyers to become Z-scale customers, evaluating lead generation platforms as well as reviewing the retail marketplace (online or brick and mortar) from the customer’s perspective
  • Traditional Marketing — Graphic design, video production, radio advertising, television advertising, print advertising and branding
  • Lead Generation — Direct response advertising, website conversions, marketing automation, affiliate marketing, social media marketing
  • Specialty SEO – Localized SEO, Onsite SEO, Offsite SEO, Video SEO
  • Mobile Marketing – Responsive websites, mobile app development, QR codes, SMS/Text message marketing

Glen and the rest of the team at Pavlovich Marketing are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Whether it’s perfecting your message or attracting new clients and customers, Pavlovich Marketing will identify the trends, target the audiences and craft the messages to make your business excel.

Call or contact us today to get started.



147 Wilbur Avenue, Waukesha, WI  53186

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