Lead Generation

How do you find new customers? By generating very targeted leads. We develop individualized systems to walk your clientele though the three stages of customer development; Prospect, Lead and Customer.

Direct Response Advertising

The differentiating factor between advertising that is designed to increase brand awareness and Direct Response Advertising is measurable results.  Direct Response Advertising is designed to entice prospects to respond and enter the A to Z Buying Spectrum as leads.  By using the elements of the full marketing arsenal that give us the best return on investment, we will generate leads through direct response advertising.

Having “fans” is great.  Having leads is practically money in the bank.  We’d prefer the latter.

Website Conversions

Converting a website visitor into a sales lead is why your website exists.  It is the primary factor which measures the success of a website.  By using compelling calls to action, tracking analytics data and interpreting visitor exit polls and search criteria we will work to convert as many visitors into leads and leads into customers as possible.

Marketing Automation

Do more with less.  it takes several touches with the lead before they convert into customers. This process allows those touches to take place automatically.  We have processes that will email, snail mail, call and text prospects to keep them moving to the Z position on the A to Z Buying Spectrum.

Affiliate Marketing

Why not have an entire army of people trying to sell your products for you?  Establishing a network of people who are actively promoting your products is leveraging the power of the internet to its fullest potential.

Social Media Marketing

Social Media Marketing is more than just counting how many “likes” or followers you have.  The goal is converting your army of fans into customers by getting them into the A to Z Buying Spectrum.