Don’t Spend Your Money Here

Don’t Spend Your Money Here

Don’t Spend Your Money Here

Does your store put up obstacles for your customers?  Most business owners and managers would emphatically say “no.”  But, often I find that every store has at least one – if not several – “Don’t Spend Your Money Here” signs.

First and foremost, let’s make this simple fact clear:

Your job is to make it easy for your customers to make purchases from you.

If you put up any roadblock, sign, form, procedure, hoop, unnecessary wait or other impediment between your customer and your cash register, you are essentially telling your customer that you’d prefer they didn’t buy from you.

In his book, “The 1-Page Marketing Plan” Author Allan Dib refers to this as your Sales Prevention Department. Is your Sales Prevention Department operating?  I hope not.  If you look around your store, whether online or brick and mortar and find any signs like the ones below, you are sending the message to your potential customers that you’d rather not engage them.

Here are some signs that tell potential customers:

  • Don’t spend your money here
  • Don’t come in and learn about us
  • Shopping here wastes your time
  • We don’t trust you
  • We’re not successful

Cash Only

This sign should require no explanation as to why it’s a terrible idea.  But, I see them in many retail locations across the country.  Look, I get it.  You don’t have the ability to accept credit cards and accepting checks is too risky.  The reality is, that people don’t carry cash like they did in Mayberry.  Customer use plastic.  It’s absolutely vital that your store give customers as many payment options as possible.  Do not turn away money.


Minimum Purchase Price

Understandable.  If a customer is buying a 75-cent pack of gum and paying for it with a credit card, you are actually going to lose money.  Is this really a major problem for your business?  If so, we have much  bigger issues to discuss.

Ask yourself:  What is the lifetime value of each customer?  Does this sign leave a positive or negative image of my store in the mind of the customer? Is this customer more or less likely to shop here again after being forced either buy more product just to use his credit card or worse putting down his hopeful purchases and walking out empty handed?

It’s far more important to think big picture.

Restrooms Are For Paying Customers Only

Have you ever been on a road trip and the ONLY reason you stopped was to use the restroom?  I certainly have.  Very often, while there I ended up with a coffee, some snacks, a cell phone charger…whatever.  When I walked into the store with the sole intention of using the restroom I had no intention of buying anything, but by the time I left the store was able to walk me through the entire marketing system.  Conversely, the store that displays this sign had no chance of converting me into a customer because it wasn’t my intention to spend money.  It was my intention to use the restroom.  I would have honored their policy and taken my restroom usage to another convenience store.

Turning away potential customers is never a good idea.


What have you seen?

Have you seen examples of signs or policies that do little more than put a roadblock between the customer and their purchase?  Share examples in the comments below.




Glen Pavlovich

Glen Pavlovich

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