Business Consulting

Why do your customers buy from your competition instead of from you? Our full Business Consulting Service will uncover that answer and many more. It is a full evaluation of your business that will give you actionable results to improve profits, customer loyalty and marketing strategy.

Business Consulting

The services we offer under the category of Business Consulting have been developed to give you an insight into your business that you cannot see from inside.  Our Business Consulting Services are systematically developed to uncover three main areas of potential improvement.  

First, we look closely at the products and services you are offering to determine how high they score on our PVP Index.  Our experts will research your market and business to pinpoint your ideal customer and develop your Unique Selling Point (USP) to entice that group to select your business over your competition.  

Second, we will work with you to develop the best pricing for your products and services and offer specific strategic methods to build profit into sales.

Third, through multiple methods such as mystery shoppers, website analysis , blind telephone screenings and others we will give you insight into your business’s use of available platforms to gather, compile and use leads as well as the complete retail process a potential customer experiences while they are your customer.

Additionally we will give you an overview of what your competitors are doing in all of these categories.  All of our findings are completely confidential and are only revealed to you.

PVP Index

By becoming a specialist in a certain market, the amount you charge becomes less and less relevant. We work to find the segment of your business where you can be considered an elite provider. What market segment ranks highest in the following categories:

P – Personal Fulfillment
V – Value To The Marketplace
P – Profitability

Pinpoint Target Market

Who is your ideal customer? Do you have a picture in your head of this person? By creating an impressively specific avatar of your ideal customer we are able to visualize life from their perspective and develop a marketing campaign that speaks directly to your ideal customer. Because buying decisions are not made in a vacuum, we don’t stop there. We pull back the curtain even farther by looking at who else may influence the buying decision and then creating an avatar for them also.

USP Identification

What is your unique selling position? Why should your ideal customer buy from you rather than your competition? What gets your customers excited about buying from you? By uncovering and and fine tuning the message about your USP we can develop marketing strategies that will be heard loudly and clearly by your target market.

Pricing and Offers

Your business has to be different. If what your business provides is exactly the same as what your competitor provides then you are selling a commodity and commodities are sold solely on price. No business should be in a race to have the lowest profit on their products. To establish the best pricing structure and offer strategy we must understand what your target market wants. What are they really buying? Are we offering the value they are looking for? Are we speaking to them in their language? Are we giving them reasons to buy from us? Are we seizing opportunities to upsell and value stack?

Platform Evaluation

When a customer has made contact with you, how do you capitalize on it? A platform is anywhere a customer comes in contact with your business. Do you know how you get each sale or lead? How often to do you contact current customers? How often to you contact prospects and leads? We will evaluate and offer actionable steps to help bring each potential customer through the A to Z buying spectrum and develop loyal customers who value their relationship with you.

Retail evaluation

Have you seen your retail establishment through the eyes and experiences of your customers? The final review of this evaluation is often a painful one for business owners. It is; however; valuable and the most effective way to obtain an unfiltered view of your customers’ perception of your retail business. In the retail evaluation we will utilize a variety of methods such as mystery shoppers, hidden body cameras, visual observations, staff interviews, customer surveys and others to find opportunities for improving your customers’ experiences  when shopping with you.