What causes a prospect to respond?

The answer(s) to that question are what drive the multi-billion dollar marketing industry.  What does my message have to be to cause my prospect to fall all over themselves with desire to buy my product, subscribe to my service, walk in my door or simply pick up their phone and call or text me?

Create An Avatar

Identifying your Probable Purchaser

What motivates a buyer is different for each buyer.  That is why my clients and I work together to build an avatar of their ideal customer at a given time for a given product.  We’ll discuss the process for creating an avatar in another article, but for now it is enough to understand that the first step in discovering what causes a prospect to respond is to specifically identify who your prospect is.  Once we have a clear picture of that person, we can better identify what will cause them to respond.  Let’s say, for example, that you sell lawn mowers.  Potentially everyone with a lawn is your customer.  How do you get that person to respond to your message?  In my opinion, you can’t.  It’s far too broad.  The only thing “everyone with a lawn” has in common is that their grass grows and it will eventually need to be cut.  How do you communicate a different message from every other lawn mower store in the city?  It’s nearly impossible.

Narrowing it down

However, if you zero in on the traits that each of your ideal prospects have, you will find it easier to create a message that causes them to respond.  You will have to consider many factors in relation to your location, products, service you offer, demographics, etc.

In this scenario, my lawn mower store is located in a neighborhood consisting of primarily small yards, in a semi-urban environment (traditional neighborhood), older homes with small to medium sized garages, middle income families. Of course, I stock and will sell mowers of all shapes, sizes and capabilities, but to identify what will motivate my probable purchaser, I am zoning in on this market.  This person.  This avatar.

The Hot Buttons

Five Major Motivators That Drive Human Behavior

To craft a message that causes a prospect to respond, you will need to understand how your avatar will respond to these questions:

  • What are you afraid of?
  • What do you love?
  • What do you covet / What are you greedy about?
  • What are you guilty about?
  • What brings you pride?

When you feel that you know your avatar well enough to answer those questions for him, you can begin crafting a message that will motivate him to respond.

On the surface it seems like a straightforward approach, but once you try to develop this image, it becomes clear that it’s not an easy task.

By carefully identifying your probable purchaser, creating a viable avatar and building an in-depth profile of how your avatar will answer these questions, you will begin to understand what message you need to create to motivate him to respond.

Does every marketing message have to hit on every emotion?  No.  In fact, most won’t and trying to force more than one or two emotional triggers into your campaign will just confuse the message.


For the sake of this example, we are going to say that our avatar is greedy with his time.  He works six days per week and often well into the evening.  In his off hours he enjoys golf, watching sports, dinners with his family and few episodes of his favorite TV shows each night.  To get his attention and motivate him to respond, we need to tap into that greed.  We need to show him that his current lawn mower is stealing time from him.  He needs to understand that if he doesn’t reach out to us at our store and become our customer immediately he risks even greater loss.

Possible headlines to get our avatar to respond:

So far this season, your lawnmower has wasted too much of your time.

You’ll be amazed when you see how much time you can save on your lawn.

Last year I wasted time mowing, this year I’m investing that time in my family.

Last year I wasted time mowing, this year I’m investing that time in my golf game.

These examples aren’t immediately transportable to your lawnmower shop because I don’t know if you actually have a product or service that will help our avatar save time.  Is reduced cutting time a Unique Selling Point (USP) of one of your products?  Do you offer a special service to your customers that intends on reducing their cutting time?  Monthly on-site blade sharpening, perhaps?

If you feel that your shop really does have the ability to help your probable purchaser save time on their lawn mowing duties, then by all means, these motivating headlines might be for you.

Your business is unique

When I sit down with potential clients my initial goal is to work to identify their Target Market, USP and their Avatar.  From there we develop plans to generate and nurture leads, increase the lifetime value of each customer and stimulate referrals.  It’s important to understand that every business is unique in every way.  What makes one lawn mower store stand out from their competitor down the street depends on a tremendous variety of factors which need to be uncovered.

If you’d like help opening the door to more customers and understanding where you stand in the market, schedule a free 30-minute phone call with me and we’ll see if we’re a good fit.

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