The Breakthrough Idea For Those Who Want To Sell Anything

Have A Marketing Plan

Having a marketing plan is the most basic and fundamental thing a business owner must do. Yet, a great number of them don’t have a well thought out marketing plan.  A tremendous number of small to medium sized businesses simply advertise then wait and hope.  That isn’t a plan, it’s gambling.  It is stumbling along, hoping for something good to happen.

You are a professional business owner.  Professionals never simply stumble into success.

Detailed plans are made…

  • Before anything that is meant to last is constructed
  • Before an airplane takes flight
  • Before a doctor performs surgery

Certainly your success isn’t guaranteed, but having a plan dramatically increases the success rate.

A Plan Lets You Have An “Off” Day or Two

A lot of people are lazy — not you of course — and some days it is harder than others to be creative, energetic and decisive. This is when mistakes are made.  It is on those “off days” that a media sales person walks into your office hoping to sell you their latest and greatest thing at a special price.  Deciding whether or not you buy depends on your marketing plan.  If you don’t have a clear marketing plan in place you may make a decision based on emotion and not based on what is good for your business.  

The Three Step Marketing Plan

The Prospect Plan

Before your customers are customers, they are prospects.  They’re simply out there living their life with little to no knowledge that you exist.  It’s terrible really.   

The three questions that need to be answered in this part of your marketing plan are:

  1. Who is my target market?
  2. What will I say to my target market?
  3. How will I reach my target market?

The Lead Plan

Once your prospects are aware of you (and you of them) they are leads.  Now they are in the A to Z Buying Spectrum and need to be nurtured along to become customers.

The three questions that need to be answered in this part of your marketing plan are:

  1. How will I get leads?
  2. How will I nurture them along the A to Z Buying Spectrum?
  3. How will I convert them into customers?

The Customer Plan

You have leads!  Some are practically begging to spend money with you!  That’s great!  Now what?  Now we need to turn them into raving fans of your business to increase their lifelong value.  

The three questions that need to be answered in this part of your marketing plan are:

  1. How will I WOW my customers?
  2. How will I increase the lifetime value of my customers?
  3. How will I get referrals from my customers?

I welcome your thoughts and opinions.  Please, leave them in the comments below.


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Glen Pavlovich

Glen Pavlovich

Salesman, Marketer, Networker

Glen Pavlovich, the founder of Pavlovich Marketing began his career in advertising and marketing in 1989 when he began a career in radio. Immediately his study of markets, messages, audience building and the full marketing arsenal began.

For the last 28 years he has continued to help multiple businesses with their advertising campaigns, websites, e-commerce and business management, all the while learning about new marketing vehicles, trends, target audiences and message crafting.

In 2008 Glen opened a service that provided commercial production to radio stations and video production agencies. Putting his marketing knowledge to work, this company maintains a generous stable of ongoing clients and continues to thrive.

Now with the full team of web developers, writers, graphic artists, SEO specialists and mobile app developers Pavlovich Marketing serves businesses of all sizes with all aspects of customer engagement.

Glen and the rest of the team at Pavlovich Marketing are ready to help you achieve your goals.

Whether it’s perfecting your message or attracting new clients and customers, Pavlovich Marketing will identify the trends, target the audiences and craft the messages to make your business excel.

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