Part 3 – This article is a continuation of a discussion started here with Part 1 and here with Part 2

Revised Advertising Campaign

CLIENT:  A Chiropractic Clinic

REASON FOR ADVERTISING:  1. The clinic has hired an additional doctor. 2. The appointment calendar has excessive openings. 3. The clinic will cover the co-pay (up to a certain dollar amount) for new appointments scheduled within the next 2 weeks.

TARGET AUDIENCE:  Individuals who are interested enough in our practice to care about our new doctor, live within a certain radius from our clinic, understand the importance of chiropractic care, believe that our clinic has the ability to provide them with care and wish to see a chiropractor or are on the fence about seeing one.

METHODS OF ADVERTISING: Direct mail, email, automated telephone messaging, website update.

BUDGET:  $1,000 (Approx)

Not only is our new marketing campaign giving a very direct, actionable and desireable message to our prospects, the message is much more targeted to a very specific group.

Don’t overlook that this advertising campaign costs significantly less than traditional advertising.

The Message

Let’s dissect the two main elements that differentiate these advertising campaigns. First, we’ll look at the message.

As earlier discussed, people are selfish. That isn’t a character flaw, it is survival. It’s built into our DNA. We must look out for our own well-being. We must protect our interests, our finances, our property, our family. By having a crystal clear understand of this, you will find your future customer engagements much smoother and satisfying for both you and the customer.

If you want the prospect to react, you need to make it worth their time. You need to enter the conversation that is already going on in their head. In the original advertising campaign, the message was all about the Chiropractor. In the revised campaign, the message was all about the consumer. Well, to be fair it was partly about the consumer. Our message presented a problem that WE have and how OUR problem will benefit the potential customer. We know that the prospect is interested and will also benefit because he/she has already said so. (We’ll this more in the next section)

Every time you communicate with your prospects or customers it is crucial that you communicate in terms of them and not you. How does whatever you’re selling benefit them?  

The Target Audience

The second element that we need to look closely at is the target audience.

Understand that not all customers (or prospects) are created equal. Not everyone is ready to buy from you or book an appointment or consultation. Only a very small number of prospects go from a cold introduction to committing immediately.

A much larger number are interested, however. Let’s call them hand-raisers. Potential customers who aren’t ready to buy just yet, but are ready to learn about what you do. These prospects enter our “A to Z Buying Spectrum” at a given point and we try to walk them along the spectrum until they are ready to buy.

We discuss the A to Z Buying Spectrum in greater detail on our website:

By talking to our hand-raisers and nurturing them along the A to Z Buying Spectrum, eventually we have a group of prospects who are ready, or nearly ready to buy. All they need is a little nudge. The offer we gave them in our message should be just enough to entice them to move to the Z position on the spectrum. In other words, turn them from prospects to customers.

Does that mean that Mass Media is worthless?

Absolutely not. Traditional mass media, or non-targeted advertising works well for specific tasks. Particularly those where, not surprisingly, the masses need to be reached.

Mass media is especially good for brand building products that have a very broad target audience and for those advertisers with incredibly large advertising budgets.


If you’ve spent money on marketing that doesn’t include an actionable message that your target audience doesn’t find completely relevant as well as a targeting that message to a very specific audience, you have wasted a lot of money shooting blindly into the forest.

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